Biking buddies, a Triumph!

When we moved into our home about a year ago, I was outside tinkering with my bike when my next door neighbour, whose garage is attached to ours, came outside. He opened up his garage and in it was the shiniest bike in the world, his well loved, shiny and well polished Triumph America. We hit it off straight away, and went on a few bike rides with him and his wife over the next few months.

One day while out at the garage I mentioned our trip around Europe and said it would be good if they could join us. I knew however that that wouldn’t be much of a possibility on his bike. It wouldn’t be too comfortable to ride 3000 miles on it, and besides that, he wouldn’t be able to carry much luggage.

I didn’t think much of it after that, however a couple days later I saw him pull into the driveway on his bike. What was odd about this was the fact that it was drizzling, and he was certainly a fair weather rider…and have you seen what water does to chrome! He would be polishing for days!

I asked him why he was out on his bike in the bad weather. He told me he had just traded in his beloved bike for a Triumph Tiger 800 XCA. He then asked if I was still OK with them joining us for the trip around Europe? I said “Of course!”.

And that is how we got our Biking Buddies for the Europe trip, Dean and Jane from next door!