The route and accommodation is finalised. Just over a month to go.

It has come around quickly. In just over a month we will be heading to Folkestone to ride our bikes onto the train to head over to France!

The last few weeks have been busy. We have finalised our route, and we have also booked all our accommodation! That in itself was hard work, but if it wasn’t for the internet it would have been near impossible!

The logistics of our trip:

  • We will be away for 16 days
  • We have booked 13 different hotels in 7 countries (we will be staying 3 nights in Rome)
  • We are riding through 11 countries.
  • We are riding 3014 miles in 60 hours (according to Tyre)

This is the route we are taking (coming back through France):


My bike has just been serviced, and new tyres put on. I took a ride out to Norfolk this last weekend and made some adjustments so I am very comfortable on the bike now (I raised the seat, and adjusted the gear lever up so my foot fits under it better).

We are getting excited about getting going now, won’t be long before we are on the road!

So I sold my BMW motorbike

No I haven’t changed my mind about the R1200GS! There was a little problem though, it was called envy. The Adventure version was just so sexy! So I have traded in my ’08 R1200GS for a (very) low mileage ’14 R1200GSA.

As I have mentioned before, I am a big guy (my wife is tiny…she told me to say that).┬áThe R1200GS Adventure allows for a lot more weight on the bike. With my wife and I on the non-adventure we are left with about 10KG’s or so for our luggage. We get substantially more payload with the GS Adventure. We also get around a third more fuel in the big tank. I also just love the look of the adventure. I will post up a picture soon of the new bike, I haven’t had it out much since I bought it (stupid UK weather).

The biggest reason however for the change was reliability. We are doing a trip of a lifetime when we go around Europe and I don’t want to remember the trip for the breakdowns. If we had more time to do the trip, then sure lets take more risks and have a true adventure with a high mileage bike…but both my wife and I are Professionals with busy careers and limited time off. So we are making the most of the little time off we have by doing this trip.

I will be doing a video on the bike soon. I will talk about what a big change it was to switch from the 2008 R1200GS to the 2014 R1200GSA. Wow, what a change.