2016 Europe Bike Trip: What’s this all about then?

Back in 2013 I started having ideas to have an adventure on my motorbike. My plan was to do a trip around Western Europe passing through as many countries as possible within about a 2 week period. I was thinking of doing it in 2014, however life happened due to my engagement in 2013 and my marriage this year. My wife and I have decided that 2016 is the year!

I will document the lead up to our trip, as well as all our preparations, and of course the trip itself. I will also talk about the bike and do reviews on any kit that is bought (luggage, cameras, audio setup, tools etc). I will be posting up pictures and videos as and when I can.

I am using this site as a kind of diary for ourselves to document this, but am more than happy for others to follow and share with us. I know this isn’t exactly a round the world trip, or anything remotely like what Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman did on The Long Way Round and The Long Way Down, but it will still be an adventure of a lifetime for us. In fact I only wish we were able to spare a few months to do a bigger trip, but like many of you reading this we have full time careers and other responsibilities.